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1. All Essential Job Search Tools for Complete Career Marketing
Résumés, Cover Letters and related Marketing Materials
Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns
On-line Internet Résumé Database
Complete Image Packaging
Audiotapes and Publications

2. We Meet Your Needs
Our goal is to help you meet your needs. Our signature service is an example of our commitment to provide state-of-the-art options and industry expertise that will help you to achieve your goals.
Expertise with age 40+ clients
Complete and accurate assessment of your job search needs
Job search strategies and tactics
Long-term confidential disk storage
State-of-the-art presentation
Internet visibility and scannable résumé formats

3. We're here...
The First Stop On Your Way To Work. Your custom designed résumé is your first impression -- a focused, professional résumé to improve your odds in today's uncertain marketplace. Our résumés are designed to keep you one step ahead of the competition. They are:
Your key to re-entry into the work-force
Your step up the corporate ladder
Your link to the changing corporate vision
Your communication connection

4. Fee Structure
You pay fairly for our expertise and uncompromising high standards
Fees are based on services performed
Prices are quoted before work begins

BK résumé packages are smart.
They have substance.
They're never superficial.
They make a statement.
They're confident, but never overpowering.
They're honest.
They deliver.
They tell your story.

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